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oppress yourself

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It happens like this: normally someone who goes to bed and sleeps all night, the next day he begins a new life almost. It’s not simply another day, it’s another life. And so, he can undertake things, he can express himself, he has a present, a future, and so on. But for someone who doesn’t sleep, from the time of going to bed at night to waking up in the morning it’s all continuous, there’s no interruption. Which means, there is no suppression of consciousness. It all turns around that. So, instead of starting a new life, at eight in the morning you’re like you were at eight the evening before. The nightmare continues uninterrupted in a way, and in the morning, start what? Since there’s no difference from the night before. That new life doesn’t exist. The whole day is a trial, it’s the continuity of the trial. While everyone rushes toward the future, you are outside. So, when that’s stretched out for months and years, it causes the sense of things, the conception of life, to be forcibly changed. You don’t see what future to look forward to, because you don’t have any future. And I really consider that the most terrible, most unsettling, in short the principal experience of my life. There’s also the fact that you are alone with yourself. In the middle of the night, everyone’s asleep, you are the only one who is awake. Right away I’m not a part of mankind, I live in another world. And it requires an extraordinary will to not succumb.


Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima (The Anarchist Library)



First Observable Effects of So-Called “Energy Crisis” (Fall 1973)

1. off-shore drilling renewed, Santa Barbara & elsewhere we can expect new off-shore wells to be opened regardless of consequences

2. price of crude oil shoots sky-high, making the extraction of shale oil feasible (profitable) which shale oil territory has been prepared for exploitation by forcing beef prices up, advocating beef boycots, forcing smaller ranches toward bankruptcy

3. Peabody Coal plans to occupy Cheyenne land on legal grounds they are “incapable” of exploiting its “natural resource”, i.e. dont wait to extract minerals at the cost of all else

4. grim austerity consciousness empty shelves & stiff upper lip & plenty of hoarding, reminiscent of early 40’s, conditioned reflex right psychological climate for WW III

5. of course, police & military will have enough gas & how will you like to be stationary populace in the grip of a mobile army?




Here’s an old(er) comic. “Blonde Cake,” 2012.


Kevin Czapiewski has put one of my favorite comics ever online for you to read. <3

one of my faves too. so frustrated and feeling distance from comics as a medium but kevin gives me so much hope

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