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Fuga na cerných klávesách [Fugue on the Black Keys] (1965) - Drahomíra Vihanová

Awaas // A Hazard Cry How

Jailed Mi'kmaq Warriors Support Funds


Please help out with some funds for these imprisoned native land defenders. They have been behind bars for almost 6 months, and need assistance with everything from court clothes to commissary funds. 

Why We Are Striking


Fear of imposture, of mere adequacy, is the coin of the academic realm. As minter of this coin, the university holds its subjects in a state of blind dependency: students compete for the attention of a shrinking pool of professionals (part-time instructors currently outnumber tenure-track faculty by a ration of four to one), while the latter scurry to commodify the drippings of a hive-mind on the brink of colony collapse. A population that does not recognize itself as working will not mind working harder, longer, and more obediently, whatever the personal cost. For many grad students, the very idea of a contract governing the limits and conditions of our labor is a source of skepticism, and even derision. This system is not an alternative to the working world; it is the model every employer would eagerly adopt. Far from prefiguring an emancipated society, the university offers a foretaste of the total domination of workers by management.

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